Amelia Fauzia
National University of Singapore

Amelia Fauzia is a visiting senior research fellow at the Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore. She is lecturer at Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University in Jakarta. Her research focuses on religion, movements and social change, specifically looking at the relationship between state and civil society. Dr Fauzia received her PhD from the University of Melbourne (2009) where she analysed the state and Muslim civil society through the practice of Islamic philanthropy. She has conducted research on philanthropy, democracy, women and disaster relief on Islam in Indonesia, and Southeast Asia more broadly. Among her publications are Faith and the State, a History of Islamic philanthropy in Indonesia (Brill, 2013) and ‘Penolong Kesengsaraan Umum: Muhammadiyah charitable activism during the Colonial period Indonesia’, Journal of Southeast Asia Research (2017).

Dr. M Saleh Sjafei
Universitas Syiah Kuala

Muhammad Saleh is an associate professor in Sociology of Law at Department of Law and Society, Syiah Kuala University Law Faculty since October 2010, whose name is published by a popular call “M. Saleh Sjafei”. He was born at Aron, North Aceh, on August 19, 1961. His undergraduate degree program (S.H.) come from Department of Law and Social Development, Syiah Kuala University Law Faculty, on 1981-1987. His thesis entitled “Doctor’s Liability from Law and Social Aspects”. He has then studied Sociology of Law as his master degree (M.Si.) at Graduate Program of Social and Political Sciences, University of Indonesia, Jakarta, on 1995-1997, with the thesis on “The Meaning of Land Ownership Protest (A Case Study on Land Acquisition of Public Interest in Aceh Besar)”. His doctorate program (Dr.) in Sociology of Law then graduated from such the University of Indonesia, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Department of Sociology, Depok, on 2001-2006, with the dissertation entitled “Actor and Structure (A Case Study on Land Ownership Dualism in Aceh Utara)”.

Prof. Eka Srimulyani
UIN Ar-Raniry

Eka Srimulyani is a tenured lecturer at The Islamic University of Ar-Raniry Banda Aceh Indonesia. She obtained master degree in Islamic studies from Leiden University, the Netherlands, and Ph.D in International Studies (Asia-Pacific Studies) from the University of Technology Sydney, Australia. She was previously a postdoctoral research fellow at the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) Leiden University, The Netherlands in 2010 and 2012. Among her publications are “Muslim Women and Education in Indonesia: The Pondok Pesantren Experience” published in Asia Pacific Journal of Education 2007, “Pesantren Seblak of Jombang East Java: Women’s Educational Leadership” in Review of Indonesian and Malaysian Affairs (RIMA) 2008, “Negotiating Public Space: Three Nyai Generations in a Jombang Pesantren” in Indonesian Islam in a New Era: How Women Negotiate their Muslim Identities edited by Susan Blacburn et al 2008, “Inspired by History” published in Inside Indonesia , 103. Jan – March 2011., Women from Traditional Islamic Educational Institutions in Indonesia: Negotiating Public Spaces published by Amsterdam University Press, 2012, and ”Gender in contemporary Acehnese dayah: moving beyond docile agency?” in Bianca J. Smith and Marck Woodward (eds), Gender and Power in Indonesian Islam: Leaders, Feminist, Sufist, and Pesantren Selves, Asia Women Series, Routledge. 

Dr. T. Zulfikar
UIN Ar-Raniry

Teuku Zulfikar earned a Ph.D. degree from Monash University, Australia in Pedagogy and Cultural Studies (2011). He completed two master degrees, one from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, USA in Educational Administration (2006) with Fulbright Scholarship, and the other one from Monash University in Leadership, Policy, and Change in Education (2003) with AusAID Scholarship. He has been teaching both at undergraduate and graduate level classes at UIN Ar-Raniry and Syiah Kuala University, and at Imam Bonjol Islamic State Institute (IAIN Imam Bonjol), Indonesia. His research interest includes Education Governance, Education Management and Leadership, Pedagogy and Cultural Studies, and also Ethnographic Studies. He has published widely in the field of education, and one of his recent publication is “researching my own backyard: an inquiry into an ethnographic study. He is involved in a number of organization: ICAIOS, LPSDM, IISIDP, and TEFLIN.

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